Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bumbo Babe

It's happening! Babies grow up so almost breaks my heart! Here is Isla...she is sitting up, eating solids, scootin backwards and singing songs in the morning. This girl is FULL of joy...quick to smile and loves her big sis.

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April said...

Oh, what a Bumbo babe! :-) LOVE it! She is so precious, I just can't get over it!

Story Time...for Mommas ONLY!!!

I love a good story, especially ones about mothering and kids. So I must share this one that happened yesterday at my OB appointment.
I had no idea that I was due for a pap at this OB visit. I find out as I get into our little exam room. Dan is out of town and so of course I had Delaney in tow. We got all ready to go. I packed her some books and a few toys for distraction, a snack and her baby in the stroller. I felt well prepared.
All was going well as Dr. Sally and I talked about the pregnancy and how I was feeling. I got Delaney to start coloring before we started the "fun" stuff.
As soon as Dr opened my gown for the breast exam Delaney was front and center. She looks up at my dr and says, "those are mommy's poo-poos" YES SHE SAID POO-POOS! Why? Well it makes good sense to De since "parts" are now quite brown...GREAT!!! So my dr is in a fit of laughter...I am trying to redirect and it is not working. So it is on with the show. Dr gets down to the real business side of things and I am trying to sing "The wheels on the Bus" with Delaney...praying she will not slip from me and get a look...well come on...there is a sheet up and dr is messing with mommy...she HAS to have a look. So she prys away from me and sees the gadget in my body as dr does the pap!! Oh the trauma!!! Delaney says, "Ohhh NOOOO mommy, that's ouchie!!!!" I am trying to quickly sit up grab her while I am still in working postion of things and reassure her this is the dr's job to make sure mommy and baby are healthy and only dr looks at these special parts of mommy...blah, blah, blah. I am afraid of what events are to follow this educational outing for my 31/2 year old daughter. Her college fund will get sucked up by therapy bills I am quite sure of it!!!

Ahhh May!!

Well it is already summer here by the measure and rate at which sweat produces as soon as I go outside! I know that pregnancy helps a great deal of that too. To deal with this issue we have opened the pool up for this season. Dan and Delaney have nightly swims while I usually finish up some dinner. I can see them play from the kitchen window. She adores that man. It is so fun to see her just fall in love with her poppa more every day. Dan has decided that he is going to get Titus swimming this year. I tried last year, but failed. Boxers, due to short coat, low body fat and deep chest, are not good swimmers. I think I will get him some kind of dog floaties...ohhh that'll be a fun post eh?!